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A look at life growing up as a troubled teenager in Edison, NJ in the 1970's.
Like the movie Dazed & Confused meets juvenile delinquent Little Rascals.
5 stars. Hilarious! The sequel now available. More funny adventures from the 80s. Stories from the NJ 'Down the Shore' area , how I worked for the rock band 'Cinderella' for 12 years, as well as Spring Break Daytona Beach, Fl. 1987, & Canada!


Two 5 Star
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Ron Arold


My Story

Ron (Ronnie) Arold grew up during a time of many changes. He has seen kids go from the wholesome look of the early 1960’s, to the counter culture long haired hippie stylings of the 1970’s, to the boom years of the 1980’s and beyond. In his experience, he has witnessed crimes, musicianship, sexual antics, drug abuse, discrimination, arrests, and comedy. His main goal in life was to become a professional vocalist and musician. Due to unforeseen domestic circumstances in his personal life, his obsession with his music career had to be abandoned. Not to be dismayed, he went on to write and record music in his own personal home studio. This eventually led to doing 12 years of promotion and websites for 80’s rock bands. For his achievement, he was awarded a platinum record by the band Cinderella. From there he ventured into education by gaining an Associate’s degree in computer science as well as a Bachelor’s degree specializing in Addiction Studies. He was also on the Dean’s list for creative writing many times. Being that he has always written lyrics, short stories, and poems, he thought his natural progression would be to become a writer. With his lighthearted attitude, photographic memory, and understanding of the human psyche, he has no trouble recalling what others have long forgotten. This transposes into what people have called his ‘great ability at storytelling’. Never missing out on the details, he is a stickler for getting everything right. That attribute has also helped him become a gifted artist as he has drawn many murals and paintings for his home and friends. He continues to come up with imaginative ideas and recollections for future books as well as composing his own songs. He is a multi-instrumentalist with the capacity to master any musical instrument within a short period of time, as well as having a gift of immediately recognizing perfect pitch and harmony. At any given time, he is usually involved with more than one project and abhors being bored. Not accustomed to sitting on his laurels, he is an excitable ball of energy that must continually be on the move.

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